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Data Import and Export


Mind Elixir provides two ways to import data: when initializing and when calling the refresh method.

let mind = new MindElixir(options)

mind.init(data) // initialization
mind.refresh(data) // refresh with new data

When data is not passed into refresh, the original data object will be used for updating.


Mind Elixir provides three data export formats: JavaScript objects, object strings, and markdown (deprecated, not recommended). Corresponding to the following three APIs:

// data export
const data = mind.getData() // JavaScript object, see src/example.js
mind.getDataString() // stringify object
mind.getDataMd() // markdown

The getData output example:

const data = {
nodeData: {
id: 'd451a556d866ba7b',
topic: 'new topic',
root: true,
children: [
topic: 'new node',
id: 'd451a6f027c33b1f',
direction: 0,
children: [
topic: 'new node',
id: 'd451a724b7c10970',
topic: 'new node',
id: 'd451a77ca7348eae',
topic: 'new node',
id: 'd451a78e1ec7181c',
arrows: [
id: 'd451a9149a1e3a15',
label: 'Custom Link',
from: 'd451a77ca7348eae',
to: 'd451a78e1ec7181c',
delta1: {
x: -230,
y: -9,
delta2: {
x: -236,
y: 14,
summaries: [
id: 'd451a84c2e77cc2f',
parent: 'd451a6f027c33b1f',
start: 0,
end: 0,
text: 'summary',
direction: 2,
theme: {
name: 'Latte',
palette: [
cssVar: {
'--main-color': '#444446',
'--main-bgcolor': '#ffffff',
'--color': '#777777',
'--bgcolor': '#f6f6f6',
'--panel-color': '#444446',
'--panel-bgcolor': '#ffffff',
'--panel-border-color': '#eaeaea',

Key parts to note are:

  • Node data nodeData, see Node Data
  • Associated node connection data arrows
  • Multi-node summary data summaries
  • Theme data theme, see Using Themes

The exported data will default to include the current theme, and during rendering, it will prioritize using the theme from the data. If you need to render with a consistent theme, you can manually remove the theme field after obtaining the data.