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What is Mind Elixir?

Mind Elixir is an open-source JavaScript mind mapping framework designed to leverage the advantages of mind maps. It comes with the following features:

  • Zero dependencies, fast installation (33kb after gzip)
  • High-performance node operations
  • Not tied to any frontend framework
  • Support for plugins
  • Output in SVG or PNG format
  • Multi-node selection and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Multi-node summarization
  • Node linking
  • Support for practical keyboard shortcuts
  • Undo and redo functionality
  • Customizable themes to add vibrancy to your nodes
  • Support for certain CSS style modifications

Mind Mapping is a revolutionary thinking tool that helps individuals process information, generate new ideas, enhance memory, make the most of leisure time, and improve work methods. Its core principle involves mimicking the structure of neurons in the brain, branching out from the center to form a complex chart that resonates with the brain's working mechanism. This chart captures information through branching and association patterns, presenting information in a creative and efficient manner.