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Options type

The MindElixir options


export type Options = {
el: string | HTMLElement;
direction?: number;
locale?: string;
draggable?: boolean;
editable?: boolean;
contextMenu?: boolean;
contextMenuOption?: any;
toolBar?: boolean;
keypress?: boolean;
mouseSelectionButton?: 0 | 2;
before?: Before;
newTopicName?: string;
allowUndo?: boolean;
overflowHidden?: boolean;
generateMainBranch?: (this: MindElixirInstance, params: MainLineParams) => PathString;
generateSubBranch?: (this: MindElixirInstance, params: SubLineParams) => PathString;
mobileMenu?: boolean;
theme?: Theme;
nodeMenu?: boolean;

References: MindElixirInstance, MainLineParams, SubLineParams, Theme